It weighs 8-10 g and is a unique species of farmed snail characterized by a shell with intense colors, an outlined border, and a robust texture.

In the kitchen

It is a light and easily digestible food. Once cooked, the meat is tender and delicate. Remarkably versatile, it can be combined with various ingredients from butter, garlic and parsley to more elaborate and innovative recipes. They are excellent à la bourguignon, fried, au gratin, and stewed.

Health values

It is a lean meat, rich in proteins, as well as a source of vitamin B12 (more than red meat). Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which counteract bad cholesterol (LDL) and low in saturated fat.

Type of farming

Completely natural cycle out of doors.


Cabbage, chard, carrots, sunflowers, rapeseed, and more as long as it is natural.


“Arcenni Tuscany” snails are supplied already purged and ready to cook.

Environmental values

Very low greenhouse effect as our breeding does not produce polluting emissions.